Friday, October 17, 2008


We had a family day out yesterday, we went to the South Carolina State Fair. We all had a very good time. It was a little different this year because Brandon and Taylor are older now and they are more willing to "risk life and limb" on the rides that go faster, higher and are all together more fun. We spent the first part of this adventure in the "kiddie " section so that Seth could get his fill of riding and fun. Seth is a lot like his Father and is a little skiddish with rides. We finally got him to take a couple of risks but I do not think that he will ride the Euroslide again. It was taller than he realized when we started to climb up and his incredibly MEAN Mother would not let him turn around and go back down. I believe that we had safely climbed up, got on the mat, slid down and was standing in line for another ride when he finally stopped crying! Taylor is definately my child. She only chickened out on one ride and I gotta say that I am not that crazy about swings but going about 4 stories in the air is always exciting. Brandon is like me as well but he has not learned the "art" of riding rides. An experienced rider knows that you have to break things up and NOT ride too many spinning rides in a row. By the end of the night Brandon no longer had that very expensive dinner that we paid for. I KNOW!, but you live and you learn and I am sure that the next go round he will mix it up better. Craig of course did not ride anything because of his vertigo or atleast that is the excuse that he has been sticking to these past few years. I did not get to ride as many as I would have liked but I did get my adrenaline up a few times as well as a few laughs where my kids are concerned. They make the funniest faces when they are scared! Sorry that I do not have any amusing pictures to share with you I took the camera and then left it in the car. One day I will be able to get myself together and amaze you with my blogging abilities!


scchesleys said...

Poor Brandon! I'm with Craig, I've got horribly bad vertigo and just can't ride anything. I understand your distress about the huge ferris wheel now, we got on and I thought "I'm going to die".