Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Month

What can happen in a month? Well if you are in the Fahner Family that would be plenty! My life has made a big change from a life of work and rest. I am now trying out another full time job as a chauffeur. My children are thankfully back in school but with that comes after school activities and homework. Seth is trying to adjust to having more than math and spelling for homework. Even after 4 weeks of school it is still a struggle but believe me he will see the light. Brandon is in the 7th grade and by now homework is well under control, the big thing for him is the addition of Ensemble Band. This will be rehearsal every Tuesday from 2:30 - 5pm, if you see him don't pinch his cheeks because I am sure they will be sore. That is what he gets for choosing the Trombone over the Drums like I told him to do! He also has been active in Boy Scouts receiving Merit Badges for Nature, First Aid, Weather and (my least favorite) Reptile and Amphibian. He also advanced to Tenderfoot and we are very proud of his progress. Now, I saved Taylor for last simply because I think that there is a word limit and I wanted to make sure that I was able to mention what the Boy's are doing. Taylor (imagine a huge exhale), my Baby Girl has got me RUNNING! I have signed more permission forms for her this year than I have in the 7 years of school before. She has wanted to join every club the school offers including Student Council. Please do not get me wrong, after school clubs are great but she only has 5 days to put it in! We have had our discussion and are now down to 3 after school clubs and one during school. Taylor will be appearing in 2 plays this year, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid (see me for dates and times). In Cinderella she will be a dragonfly and in The Little Mermaid she will revive her role as a dragonfly and add to that a Mersister - Atina. This is sure to be a good time for her and for us! By the way The Little Mermaid is on a Monday and I think that this is a great Family Home Evening idea! She has also joined the Spanish Club, Fitness Club and a book club called Brown Bags and Books! Pause as I catch my breath because this does not include Achievement Days! On top of all of this she also wants a social life like a Daddy ~ Daughter dance and a birthday party at the Marriott. Ask me sometime about her crashing a wedding - YEAH she is only 10! I will try and write more often so you all will know the ins and outs of this Family on the run. Have a wonderful day!