Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TOP 10

No, I am not David Letterman but I do have a top 10. On zazzle.com there were nearly 3000 tshirts that are for the Twilight series. I did not look at all of the 3000 but I did spend enough time on there to find a few favorites.

10. Twilight Jacob vs. Edward Who cares they're both delicious!

9. I have OCD - Obessive Cullen Dissorder

8. Blondes may have more fun but Edward prefers brunette! (yeah me)

7. Why am I covered in feathers?

6. Edward Cullen Bring Sexy Back Since 1901

5. Edward can bite my pillows anyday.

4. Boyfriend Requirements *glitters in the sun * cold to the touch * very strong * very fast runner * drinks blood * name's Edward

3. Why don't you sparkle like a real man?

2. Edward can bust my headboard, bite my pillows and bruise my body anyday.

1. I'm in love with a fictional vampire. Your point?

Now there are a few tshirts for the kids that were really cute and I will share those with you as well. I would hate for anyone to waste their time the way I do.

* My Mom is a Twilighter (not sure what that means, but we got to have cereal for dinner)

* Daddy who is this Edward Cullen Mommy says she is in love with?

They are really cute and I will update you all on the one that I choose to get. Or you could just see me wearing it around.

Now for more interesting news. The movie has been rescheduled and we will get to see this on November 21st. I am still going into this movie open minded because I do not like the person that they have chosen to be Edward, nothing against anyone but there is not a person alive that is as perfect as he is in my head. With all of this considered I am still excited to see the movie!

The kids go to school in 2 days! HOORAY!

Just a couple of thoughts for the day. Hope that you have a good day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

There is not too much that can trump the news of Breaking Dawn and the great night that I had at the book release but I guess that this will come in a very close second. My beautiful, caring, long-legged Baby Girl got her hair cut. This is something that Craig and I did not want to happen but what do you do when your daughter comes to you and say that she wants her hair cut and want to give it to Locks of Love. I tell you what you do, you get it cut. What am I going to tell her.... nope all of those people that are suffering from cancer can just do without? Of course not, so I took her and put on a brave face while my heart was ripping in two. In order to donate her hair she had to give at least 10" and she had plenty. I will not put too much in here about the girl that cut her but I will tell you that she needs a new ruler and to learn how to cut in a STRAIGHT line. Needless to say that she took off way more than she was suppose to and it was shorter in the back than it was in the front. Craig is NOT happy and I will just have to learn to deal with it. Taylor loves it though and I guess that is the most important thing, or at least that is what I am going to keep telling myself. I am proud of her for thinking of others. This is just evidence that we have done a few things right along the way. I'll take credit for this and just say that Craig is not being nearly as gracious as I am so she must have learned this from me (HA HA HA HA).

Monday, August 4, 2008

What you might ask would have 9 LDS women out at a bookstore at midnight. That my friends would be Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I have waited so long for this book to be released and I am so glad that the day finally came. I had a great time at Angel's house at out pre-release gathering. We all brought things that were either Team Edward or Team Jacob as an appetizer and then we socialized before time to head to Books A Million. We were definately not the only people waiting for the book to be released because the amount of people that were there was just amazing. I think that there were more there that night than were for the last Harry Potter. There were some serious fans because we saw many people dressed in prom clothes and some dressed as characters. I took a pic with a Rosalie wanna be! There was even a Jacob fan there dressed as a werewolf, like I said SERIOUS fans! We did not have to wait in line very long and I was home and reading in no time at all. I did get some reading done but my problem was that I had been up for about 24 hours and felt that I need to get some rest so that I could dig in on Saturday. I was not able to read as much as I would have liked because my hubby and kids would not leave me alone! I think that they were having trouble with their eyes (they obviously could not see me reading so something had to be wrong with there eyes). In the end I got finished with the book and my life is now complete... that is until they release Midnight Sun. I will also be anxiously awaiting the release of the movie. All of you that would like to go together and watch it are welcome. You know I will be there!