Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TOP 10

No, I am not David Letterman but I do have a top 10. On zazzle.com there were nearly 3000 tshirts that are for the Twilight series. I did not look at all of the 3000 but I did spend enough time on there to find a few favorites.

10. Twilight Jacob vs. Edward Who cares they're both delicious!

9. I have OCD - Obessive Cullen Dissorder

8. Blondes may have more fun but Edward prefers brunette! (yeah me)

7. Why am I covered in feathers?

6. Edward Cullen Bring Sexy Back Since 1901

5. Edward can bite my pillows anyday.

4. Boyfriend Requirements *glitters in the sun * cold to the touch * very strong * very fast runner * drinks blood * name's Edward

3. Why don't you sparkle like a real man?

2. Edward can bust my headboard, bite my pillows and bruise my body anyday.

1. I'm in love with a fictional vampire. Your point?

Now there are a few tshirts for the kids that were really cute and I will share those with you as well. I would hate for anyone to waste their time the way I do.

* My Mom is a Twilighter (not sure what that means, but we got to have cereal for dinner)

* Daddy who is this Edward Cullen Mommy says she is in love with?

They are really cute and I will update you all on the one that I choose to get. Or you could just see me wearing it around.

Now for more interesting news. The movie has been rescheduled and we will get to see this on November 21st. I am still going into this movie open minded because I do not like the person that they have chosen to be Edward, nothing against anyone but there is not a person alive that is as perfect as he is in my head. With all of this considered I am still excited to see the movie!

The kids go to school in 2 days! HOORAY!

Just a couple of thoughts for the day. Hope that you have a good day!


scchesleys said...

I don't think there's anyone on the planet perfect enough to play Edward as he's written. It's that whole "better in my head" thing.

Have a wonderful day my fellow ESAL!

Ashley said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Crystal! It's Cindy (Faulkenberry) AKA Cindy Boykin LOL
love your blog!
email me at faulkenberry7@yahoo.com and I will invite you to see mine.
The Twilight Series must be "HOT". My daughter is reading it too. That child has NEVER read a book that thick in 4 days. EVER
talk to you soon!

The Doves' said...

Hey Crystal! You should check out this part of the website if you haven't already for almost 300 pgs of sneak peek fun if you've finished Breaking Dawn....http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/midnightsun.html