Sunday, November 2, 2008

Count Down

Tomorrow is the big premier of RNE's Cinderella where my one and only Babygirl will be staring as a Dragonfly. I was able to sit through Act I and it was great and all of ADC (Aviator Dance Company) girls did a wonderful job. I took a few pics of the rehearsal. One is of Taylor learning to apply make up for the first time. Having her learn at 10yr old how to put on eyeliner is a little too much for her Mother to handle and her Father could not get it off of her face fast enough. When we got home she could not even sit down and eat her dinner before he made her clean it off. I have tried to explain to him that this is just for the performance and it still does not make him any happier to see it on her face. We went through this 2 years ago for Beauty and the Beast and we have not made any head way in having him accept that this will eventually happen to her for real. He just does not want "his" little girl to grow up. I also have a few pics of the dance with full costume and it is absolutely adorable, and I believe that I am speaking from and with an objective P.O.V. I can not wait to see the entire performance, this is a ballet and not a play so it will not be big on the words(don't tell Craig) but the music is incredible and the dancing is beautiful.

This weekend was very hectic and we did not get that much rest. Craig and I went to see the GAMECOCKS play this weekend and we had a really good time. It was made all the better because they won. Brandon and Seth went to Bishopville with Momma and Daddy and they had the opportunity to fly in an airplane. If you happen to read my entry about the fair then you may have guessed what Seth chose when presented with this opportunity. He did not go but Brandon did and enjoyed himself quite a bit. In fact he took that flight 2 times. I do not have any pics from that but hopefully Momma and Daddy have a few and I can get it from the later. Now for Halloween I was not able to get any pics of them because by the time I got off work it was nearly 8pm and the costumes had started coming off by the time I got to them. I think that my Inlaws got to see them before they started to undress. If I am able to get any pics from them I will post them. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and if you get the chance come and see my prima ballerina!